Thursday, July 08, 2004


Mike the Marine talked me into this almost a year ago now. He and his family are long gone from here, on his own adventure/career, for the best I hope. He's a sharp, young JO with a good head on his shoulders. I wish him and his bride the best as he heads into harm's way.
I start this blog in the hope of continuing some of the hilarity that he, I and some others enjoyed together in the eddy currents of the Active Duty personnel assignment cesspool. We got to laugh about some really stupid sh8t together.
I start this in the hopes of making an impact on some of the dumbasses who think we can sit here in the good 'ole US-of-A with our heads up our asses, while our own citizens get incinerated in high-rises by hi-jacked airliners, have their heads sawed off by neanderthals, get burned to a crisp and dragged through a third world shit-hole street by legal retards and watch dumbfounded, as a worthless shit-eater like Michael Moore makes a profit off of the whole show.
The Safety Valve, Rachael Lucas, Rob Prather and others have pointed that blood-soaked K-Bar up the hill to the way forward.
I take up that Guidon.
Smokin Actual


Blogger Tammi said...

Ohhhh, this is gonna be good. I can tell already!!

July 13, 2004 at 1:22 PM  

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